GreenCloud technology has been developed by Green IT company, a member of Smart IT Cluster. It is a platform which receives data from users’ devices and, in a standardised way, shares data in applications selected by the user. It also enables work of unlimited number of devices and application.

Technology of Green Cloud makes it possible to process, store and analyze data streams of “Big Data”, which are generated by sensors, portable computers and RFIaD readers. Services and applications that work with use of this technology are as follows: Green Logger, AST, Green Med and many others.

As far as the user and application is concerned:

  • Authorization of GreenID users through OAuth2 protocol,
  • Access to data through API,
  • SSL communication ciphering,
  • Extended configuration of users’ devices,
  • Different levels of authorization,
  • Access to certain data (according to time of measurement and data type),
  • An open platform for creating own apps.

As far as the device is concerned:

  • Support of many different types of protocols:
    – Low-level for built-in systems,
    – High-level for apps and mobile devices,
  • Support of different ways of authorization of devices ranging from the simplified according to IMEI for simple devices such as GPS to tokens,
  • SSL communication ciphering,
  • Collection of any data determined by the device driver.
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