Emirates & Europe Business Development Cluster was formed in response to the expectations of both sides, in order to integrate the Emirati and European business environment and to provide enhanced methods of communication. 

EEBDC is an international cooperation organisation for European and Emirati environments. Its activity is based on associating and supporting member institutions: enterprises, governmental units, researchers and scientists interested in investment cooperation in the field of:

Financial products and services,
Innovative technologies,
IT market,
Waste management,
Agricultural and food industry,
Real estate industry,
Military technologies,
Culture and art.

List of main tasks that EEBD sets are as follows: assistance in acquiring business partners or provision of a direct contact with companies located both in Europe and the UAE, including those with foreign capital; comprehensive assistance in obtaining grants from the European Union; maximization of the benefits associated with the development of business between the UAE and Europe; as well as promotion and protection of the interests of member companies.

European Green Technology Alliance was formed at the beginning of 2015. It is an international platform for cooperation between European clusters, which aims at further development of generated technological solutions and their global commercialisation. EGTA provides support for specialized business environment institutions in all European countries and an international network of partners.

EGTA – purpose and priorities:

Form a European ecosystem of innovation which would support exchange of knowledge and joint research, development and commercialising works by providing coordination, communication and information tools,
Create new business opportunities at the European and global scale through joint business and marketing operations,
Support the implementation of EGTA’s international strategy by means of cooperation with non-European countries as well as through creation of a global platform of technology transfer.

Currently EGTA joins 21 clusters from 18 European Union countries, which is more than 320 businesses and research institutions. This strategy for the development of EGTA assumes to double that number by the end of 2016.

Investment  Service Center Investment service center is an international accelerator for investment projects as well as developing startups. in our cooperation structures there are a dozen investment funds with a big investment potential.

The fundamental objective for each capital-owner is to protect accumulated wealth and ensure its further multiplication. At the same time, entrepreneurs seek for capital for developing their business. In both cases, it is necessary to take risks by involving those assets into the available market investment tools.

Investment Service Centre is an innovative, international business structure associating high-level experts. Our main objectives are to finance investment projects and to look for projects of high business potential for the investors. We boast a robust network of partners and an extensive expertise in conducting investments of varying scale and in different areas of interest.

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