Organizational Structure of the Program

1. Operational Department

Responsible for the implementation of the tasks of the “Smart Building – Building the Future” Program. It oversees the creation of the organizational structure and the audit of ongoing projects.

The Operational Department includes:

Sales and Distribution Department
Financing Department
Development and Planning Department

2. Technical Department

Responsible for the research, development, production, and sale of technologies related to machinery in wooden construction. This includes a variety of universal devices used in areas such as carpentry, wooden frame production, balcony construction, prefabricated walls, plywood finishing, and flooring production, as well as complete turnkey construction with a guarantee of high quality.

The Technical Department includes:

Wood Processing and Carpentry Systems Department
Research and Development Department
Wooden and Prefabricated Construction Execution Department

3. Geodesy and Design Departmen

Handles tasks related to geodesy and cartography. It is also responsible for spatial planning and architectural projects, compiling the necessary documentation for building permits and obtaining them.

The Geodesy and Design Department includes:

Document Research Department for investment processes
Geodesy and Design Department
Architectural Office

4. Strategy and Development Department

Oversees the research and development strategy, as well as the implementation of offered services and products. It is responsible for the development of ongoing activities using the latest innovative solutions in wood technologies. This department analyzes and modifies information needed to create production and sales strategies for the offered products and services. Additionally, it conducts commissioned research and development work, coordinates activities, and supervises the implementation of innovative technologies. It is also responsible for establishing cooperation with scientific and research centers.

The Strategy and Development Department includes:

Banks and Financial Institutions
Investment Insurance
Institutions managing forest economy and areas associated with forest management

Program Participants They provide financial leverage for Local Government Units and an insurance package for the completed facilities.

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