Green ID – a universal account connecting people and devices.

Nowadays more and more devices can work autonomously. Green ID was developed in order to enable people to use their devices to a full extent. It allows the user to collect and remotely access data pertaining to their everyday life through various useful applications.

  • Green ID operates in the Green Cloud technology;
  • Every account can be linked to a number of electronic devices: phones, tablets, smart home appliances and many more. 
  • The data cloud integrates data received from devices and presents it in a comprehensive, easy to understand way;
  • Green ID supports applications for device localisation, transport and logistics, telemedicine, electrical energy management, electronic payment and many more;
  • Green ID can also support external apps developed in accordance with cloud standards.
  • The external part of the system, Multicard, can be used as a payment card, card key or any other type of microchip card.

Mobile applications.

Web applications

Multicard – Green ID

Hardware solutions

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