System of rock mass movement monitoring in underground mines.


  • A wireless system of data transmission in the underground area of a mine allowing for motion registration of the rock mass which predicts the places particularly exposed to the threats of caving and stomps,
  • The system analyses all the rock mass motion,
  • 3D visualization of any changes: tensions, reliefs and underground stomps,
  • The system allows for evaluating of potential threats and thus predicting future catastrophes.


  • Integrated wireless system of sensitive seismographs,
  • The system enables the prediction of the likely places particularly exposed to caving.

Competitive advantages:

  • FULL HD, THERMO INFRARED optical systems,
  • EMP jamming systems analytic systems for radioactive, chemical or biological contamination,
  • Orthoimaging systems,
  • Microwave system for detecting landmines,
  • Rescue rafts for marine operations,
  • Passive protection systems,
  • Self Aiming System, a digital system for detecting and analyzing targets,
  • Armed equipment (several configurations),
  • Transport containers (several configurations).


  • Innovative solution on global level,
  • Possible implementation of the system in different types of mines.
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