A high-sensitivity seismic system allowing for detection of moving duty vehicles from a great distance, a column of tanks.


  • Shocks and vibrations detection,
  • 3D replacement and tilt detection,
  • Data visualization,
  • History of events,
  • Optional possibility of service via phone, tablet with the use of Android system.


  • Capable of carrying up to 12 kg of load,
  • Operational radius up to 25 km,
  • Operational ceiling up to 3000 m,
  • Flight duration up to 4,5h,
  • High resistance against adverse weather conditions,
  • Operational temperature range from – 15 to + 70C,
  • Hybrid engine – electric engines powered by a gas fuelled generator (6 kW),
  • Cargo compartment capable of holding several automatically connected and disconnected transport containers.

Competitive advantages:

  • Wireless data transmission,
  • Remote configuration of measurement modules,
  • Remote server configuration,
  • Extensive system of alerts of events notifications,
  • Freely configurable alarm modes.


  • The Army.
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