Autonomous system of remote reckoning, analyzing and destroying objects for military purposes.


  • Effective firing in any conditions from infantry firearms and firearms assembled in stationary installations and vehicles,
  • Universal device, the modules are in accordance with NATO standards,
  • All system components are resistant to external factors: mechanical damage, dirt, high and low temperature, electromagnetic interference, corrosion and chemical warfare agents,
  • In-built targeting computer improves the hit indicator.


  • The Army,
  • Special Forces.

Competitive advantages:

  • All the elements possess interchangeable parts and power supply,
  • Resistance to harsh confitions, the highest rate of reliability and efficiency,
  • Because of a completely different concept of detection and target analysis, SAS is free from conventional solutions defects (weight, cost, unreliability),
  • Innovative analysis of the target causes that the system is faster, smoother and more energy-saving than the competition’s suggestions,
  • The use of microwave emitters gives a bonus in viewing the target through a wall or an obstacle made of wood,
  • The cost of complete equipping of an armored vehicle with our system is thirtyfold lower than the prices of comparable systems from western companies.
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