About us

Green Cars Cluster was formed in Warsaw in June 2007, starting the implementation of action program in accordance with the adopted “Cluster Development Strategy”. One objective of this strategy was creation and development of electric vehicles’ market in Poland and their charging infrastructure.

Within the Green Cars Cluster, we associate companies and institutions developing technologies for low-emission and automatic vehicles, along with the accompanying infrastructure and renewable energy. Through cooperation within the Cluster, we promote low-emission transport and develop technologies for electric mobility. Our innovative technological solutions were appreciated by both the media and the administrative authorities, as exemplified by winning the 1st prize in the contest, called “Innovative Project 2010” organised by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (Polish: PARP), for the implementation of the project called: “Establishment of market for electric vehicles and their charging infrastructure as a fundamental part of  energy security” for Green Car, the electric car manufactured by the member companies of Green Cars Cluster.

We also have an extensive experience in converting combustion-engine vehicles to electric ones.  Since 2010, we have started working on the high-performance conversion technology. As a result, the electric Fiat Panda and KIA Soul were created. Manufacture of a new hybrid or electric vehicle is harmful to the environment and a new electric or hybrid car is still more expensive than the combustion vehicle. After a few years of use, operating costs of the combustion vehicle begin to be a big financial problem for the user. The second-hand combustion cars will generate large amount of waste in the form of worn parts and operating fluid that require a very complex recycling process. Ecological and economical solution is to convert combustion cars to the electric drive system. This type of solution has great advantages, especially if we start converting entire car fleets on a mass scale or retail for individual clients. The scope of our services includes private companies and state entities such as local governments, municipalities and counties.

Furthermore, we support and develop the charging terminal network installations throughout the country, because of the necessity to protect the possibility of charging the vehicles. This is the key issue of electric mobility development. The popularity of this type of vehicles grows, as far as increasing opportunities for their everyday use, to which the abilities to provide fuel and service for such vehicles significantly contribute.

On the 1st of December, 2010, Green Cars Cluster was awarded with the 1st prize in the “Innovative Project” competition, organised by PARP, for the project implementation entitled: ” Establishment of market for electric vehicles and their charging infrastructure as a fundamental part of  energy security.” 

Why is it worth to invest in electric automotive?

It goes without saying, that it is worth investing in alternative energy sources and ways of their use. The oil as well as carbon, being raw materials, will be depleted over the next semi-century. However, before fuels reserves completely disappear, they will become more and more expensive, as the cost of exploration and extraction of diminishing resources will grow as well.

Poland, upon accessing the EU community, agreed to limit carbon dioxide emission. The European Commission proposed 40-percent of carbon dioxide emissions’ reduction until 2030, within the draft of the EU energy and climate policy. According to the Polish Energy Group’s (PGE) forecasts, the average annual growth rate of electricity nominal price between 2016 and 2030 will be approx. 4.7%. All the aforementioned cases will be beneficial for the development of both renewable energy and electric vehicles market.

Electric vehicles do not emit harmful fumes. Moreover, they reduce environmental pollution because they do not use crude oil and they use the energy more efficiently. Obtainment of electricity from renewable sources is the main assumption. This is why the development of green and distributed energy is so important. In addition, combustion engines, compared to electric ones, have a very low efficiency level of transformation to kinetic energy. Electric motors do not generate noise during stopover and they are much quieter while driving. In our country, there is an average of 600 cars per 1000 residents which gives about 16 million vehicles. Neither people nor natural environment can stand the side effects of combustion engines operation.

All of this drives us to the conclusion that the combustion engine should be replaced by the electric one as the only technology implemented on a wide scale ensuring the maintenance of environmental performance and lack of comfort decline among the society. This will enable us to achieve energy independence, particularly important in the Polish conditions, and to considerable reduction of CO2 emissions and other harmful substances. The existing network of electricity distribution can be used as a fully developed infrastructure of points providing vehicles with electricity available to everyone.

The electric engine is about four times more energy-efficient than combustion engine and provides drivers with friendly dynamics. In terms of economics and ecology, it is better to use electric vehicles even if the energy empowering them comes from non- renewable energy sources. The electric drive is much cheaper in manufacturing, service and operation.  It does not produce exhaust fumes and  generates less harmful noise. Thanks to billions of dollars spent on oil and coal, they have a chance to stay in the country.

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