The system creates shielding from incoming RPG missiles.


  • The system consists of a set of equipment designed to create shielding from incoming RPG missiles,
  • System provides information on direction, speed and time remaining for the rocket missile hit,
  • The shield encompasses the whole moving vehicle and causes the tearing of the incoming missilehead.


  • The system I highly portable and can be installed on every military vehicle,
  • The system can be used no matter what the installed passive protectiob f. in. in a form of protective net,
  • In critical situations, firing the shield may prevent from boarding or close distance attacks.

Competitive advantages:

  • Wireless data transmission,
  • Remote configuration of measurement modules,
  • Remote server configuration,
  • Extensive system of alerts of events notifications,
  • Freely configurable alarm modes.


  • The Army.
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