Device solutions for Internet of Things

We offer a variety of telemetric devices which can be applied in remote monitoring of smart house appliances, energy-saving and cargo tracking.

GreenNET Repeater

GreenNET Repeater is a device used for data routing. It collects data from devices that have no Wi-Fi, radio frequency or GSM connection and routs it to an external server. GreenNET Repeater regenerates received signals and can emphasise the radius and strength of the received signal.  It can be used to receive measurement data and alarms from devices equipped with BLE, ANT+ and radio frequency modules.

Green Logger

Green Logger is a small-scale device used for monitoring the status of cargo. It is equipped with sensors that continuously measure temperature, humidity, pressure, light intensity and other parameters inside a parcel. If a safety threshold is exceeded, the device sends an information to an integrated app. Green Logger archives measurement history for up to 6 months and transmits them to a main server. The device is characterised by a long battery life and excellent durability. The data collected by Green Logger can be routed through the use of GreenNET Repeater.


The main use of the Dimmer device is light intensity indoor monitoring. It measures the temperature of the device and converts it into a brightness value. Data collected by Dimmer can be routed through the use of GreenNET Repeater.


A device for remote control of indoor lighting. It is integrated with a dedicated mobile and web application which allows the user to monitor the use of electricity in their house through Internet connection. The device may also be used to switch the lights on or off. The data collected by Dimmer can be routed through the GreenNET Repeater device.


Sensor is a telemetric device for measuring environmental conditions in a workplace or a living space. It is best suited for conducting periodic measurements in specific intervals. Sensor can measure temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, light intensity and other parameters. The data collected by the device can be routed to the server through the use of GreenNET Repeater device.


Linker’s main purpose is integration of devices which operate in standards differing from the ones used on the main server. It can be used for high-precision measurement equipment such as personal telemedicine devices. It can be also used to connect other devices to those offered by Green Control.

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