Intelligent banking system heading towards Personal Assistance class systems realizing PFA (Personal Finance Assistant) paradigm.

Intelligent banking system which heads towards Personal Assistance class systems realizing Personal Finance Assistant paradigm. The very functionality of the system refers to the latest trends in Internet and mobile banking.

Our created banking applications were implemented in several banks and financial institutions and ensure the highest level of certification and security. In addition, they predict, on the one hand, easy integration with bank systems’ integration and, on the other hand, an ergonomic, modern interface for customers related to widgets’ solutions.

The system ensures maximum concentration on the customer and his or her needs and the convenience of its use simultaneously, minimization of time of the server’s use, 24-hour online availability and the use of involvement and cooperation with the customer.

Software delivery and implementation is based on open-source solutions and on original products, being an exclusive possession and know-how of the company. It means an absolute control over the source code, all functions and parameters of the offered informational solutions.

Platform’s components:

  • Main book,
  • Data bus,
  • Communication interfaces,
  • Card and micro-payments usage system,
  • Customer Service – call center,
  • Mobile and Internet banking,
  •  Authorization center,
  • and payment terminals operating with the use of any available technology, including the latest, namely: NFC, biometric or mobile.
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