Smart EcoSystem – a solution for knowledge and technology transfer.

Information flow is one of the most important motors of innovation. Smart EcoSystem was designed to meet the needs of modern industries.

It is a dedicated platform for data transfer aimed at businesses, research institutes and NGOs. By using the platform, entities can freely and safely exchange their knowledge, technologies and products.

The goals of Smart EcoSystem are:

  • development of new products, technologies, knowledge;
  • creation of opportunities for innovation; 
  • enablement of effective information exchange.

Smart EcoSystem is reliable, intuitive and secure. Companies have full control over the amount and quality of data released onto the platform. Smart EcoSystem has advanced privacy settings which allow the company to block certain users or anonymous visitors from viewing the company’s profile. Intellectual property is protected by advanced security settings.

Smart EcoSystem offers numerous advantages:

  • easy exchange of innovative technologies and ideas;
  • improved communication between commercial and non-commercial institutions; 
  • protection of intellectual property.
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