Design, construction and supply of the micro power plant’s prototype

The subject matter of this project is to construct the prototype of the micro power plant used to transform the wind and solar energy into the electric energy necessary to recharge the battery of the electric car and to provide complete technical specification and results of tests and research. Additionally, a set of micro power plants may be utilized as a small home power plant, which will make it possible to provide power for the receivers connected to the home electric network. The micro power plant will be designed using the technologies aimed at maximizing its efficiency, minimizing its operating costs, ensuring its safe operation and attractive external form.

1.    In order to provide maximum capacity and efficiency, the micro power plant will simultaneously use renewable energy sources: wind and sun:

2.    peak power of the installation of micro power plant will not be lower than 3.0 kW;

3.    initial velocity of the micro wind farm will not exceed 3.5m/s;

4.    solar micro power plant will use photovoltaic technology;

5.    peak power of the installation of micro solar power plant will not be lower than 400W.

In order to make it possible to use the energy produced by the micro power plant to charge the battery of an electric car or home electric network, an integral part of the micro power plant’s system will be the energy storage. This accumulator will guarantee that the energy is accumulated so that it is available in every moment, including the situation when the meteorological conditions do not allow to produce this energy.

The management of the entire operation of the micro power plant will be performed by the control and supervision system with the following parameters:

 1.    battery charge level control;

2.    management over the inverter which allows to transmit the excess electric power to home electric power;

3.    monitoring the direction and velocity of wind; solar irradiance; humidity and temperature. It is also possible to register and read those parameters;

4.    possibility to see the data in real time;

5.    protection against complete exhaustion of the battery;

6.    possibility to charge the battery from the network in the lack of power supply from the micro power plant;

7.    automation system allowing a maximum use of solar radiation (system of tracing the location of the sun);

8.    SMS – notification on the failure;

9.    monitoring and supervision over the micro power plant by an automated system accessible through the website;

10.    possibility to visualize the data in the graphical and tabular form;

11.    scalable architecture allowing to add or delete particular energy sources and to integrate devices, which will appear in the future.

Value of the project: PLN 240,000.00 gross.

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