Design, construction and supply of model workshop’s equipment

Within the project it is planned to start a model Service Centre of Electric Vehicles dealing with repair works, servicing and converting diesel engine cars into electric engine cars. Simultaneously, the workshop will be a source of gaining experience and know-how for the owners of other workshops who will decide to start an undertaking like that in their vicinity. Thanks to the project a basic set of equipment will be tested which is necessary in the repair and servicing workshop for electric vehicles. This workshop will be also equipped with the devices allowing carrying out the process of converting diesel engine vehicles into electric vehicles.

Since the stationary workshop would have a limited impact on the performance of the tasks related to the project, the solution of a mobile workshop has been chosen as the optimal one. The mobile workshop will be render services and handle vehicles for everyone interested in converting a diesel engine car into an electric vehicle. An additional function of the mobile workshop will be the possibility to travel to the workshop willing to deal with the car conversion and conduct an in-house training for the installation operators. Additionally, the mobile workshops will be an outstanding advertisement and promotion of the project and will enable us to reach a number of potential users of electric vehicles.

Value of the project: PLN 84,000.00 gross.

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