We offer reliable, innovative components for converting combustion-engine vehicles into electric ones.

BLDC motor

Motors based on the BLDC technology are reliable and efficient. At the same time, they are quiet and allow the user to precisely control their operational speed. We offer novelty BLDC motors with the available power equal to 10, 20, 80 and 140 kW respectively. Their operational costs are very low. They are made from high quality components which guarantee their infallibility. The motors are designed to power single-track vehicles, passenger cars, commercial vehicles and buses.

Charging terminals

We provide our original, innovative system of charging terminals. It includes both stationary and mobile solutions. As a complete solution it is further equipped with a charging point monitoring system and an integrated client-oriented app designed to simplify the booking of charging sockets.


Our offer includes a smart inverter for managing power output of the subsystems in the vehicle. This device operates on both single- and three-phase power supply. The inverter facilitates using two modes of charging – express (full charging takes around 20 minutes) and standard (full charging within an hour).

On-board computer

We offer an on-board diagnostic computer for electric vehicles. Its main communication interface is a colour LCD screen which displays the status of the vehicle, including battery charge level and engine status. The on-board computer is fully integrated with other components in our offer, as well as with diagnostic modules of vehicles with combustion engines. Data display is customisable and can be easily modified to suit the needs of an individual user.

Battery Management System (BMS)

The BMS is a car battery management system. It enables user to monitor the battery use and optimise its use. BMS collects data on the state of battery system and acts as an alarm system if the safety threshold for any value was exceeded. We offer a 3rd generation BMS – a device which is characterised by its high efficiency and precision.

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