We offer electric vehicles for Smart City and carsharing solutions and for individual users.

Electric transport is the most efficient way for improving the air quality in cities. There are solutions for modern, efficient city transport in our offer. As the creators of this technology, we have authorial technologies of conversion and construction of bikes, cars, vans and buses equipped with electric drive.

Electric vehicle prototype:

We are the inventors of an ELV001 electric car project and the creators of its prototype unit. ELV001 are cars equipped with the possibility of remote diagnostics via public network (GPRS/Internet). The main advantage of ELV001 is the automated system of battery charging ensuring the charge of a battery to 100% in less than one hour. The car received the 1st prize in the “Innovative Project 2010” competition organized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

Electric bus prototype:

We are the authors of a prototype electric bus model. The vehicle is equipped with electric drive of a total power capacity of 140 kWh and a battery capable of travelling a minimum distance of 150 kilometers. Low exploitation costs allow for setting a cost-attractive travel tariff. The bus meets all the city communication requirements and may be adapted for intercity and international transport purposes.

2.5 tons prototype van

We possess a van prototype with an electric drive of 80 kW and a battery capable of travelling a distance of 120 kilometers. The vehicle may be equipped with additional batteries, which additionally increases its range. The electric vehicle’s exploitation is cheaper for about 75% than in case of a similar size combustion-engine van, which allows for lowering the travel costs and acquiring new customers.

Car conversion:

We also deal with combustion-engine cars conversion in our offer. It was used by such companies as f. in. Grupa ENERGA S.A., which ordered conversion of their nine of Fiat Panda cars. Those cars can be easily charged via ordinary electric socket (230V, 16 A). The car needs 6 hours for full “tanking”, which is enough to travel a distance of even 200 kilometers. The full charging of the car requires approx. 25 kWh, which is calculated into the cost of “full tanking” for about EURO 1.

Solutions for taxis:

  • We offer full electric solutions for taxi stocks. We are a producer of cars and minibuses with electric or hybrid drives.
  • Costs of transportation using electric drives may be even up to nine times lower comparing to combustion-engine transport.
  • Electric drives remain fully functional even up to 12 years of intensive exploitation.
  • We also deliver charging infrastructure, monitoring system and fleet management and service support for electric cars.
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