Monitoring of selective collection of waste.

Green Bin – a modern, convenient system for urban waste management that integrates local authorities, waste management companies and citizens.

Proper waste management scheme is crucial for development of urban areas. Green Bin system was designed to facilitate and simplify the process of waste collection from the bin to the final site.

There are three essential components that make Green Bin a unique solution:

  • Green Bin – the main part of the system; it allows the waste management company to easily track the amount and destination of collected waste, as well as create delivery reports;
  • Green Cars – a tool for tracking vehicles; it allows remote communication with the entire fleet, as well as monitoring the location and status of every vehicle. Among its functionalities is an automated alarm which sends a message to the control centre in case of emergency; 
  • Green ID – a personal account for communication with local authorities and waste management companies. Through Green ID local citizens are able to check the date of a waste disposal, get feedback concerning segregation appropriateness and benefit from additional municipal services through direct communication with waste collection companies.


  • improved efficiency of segregation;
  • simple implementation of further revisions to waste management laws; 
  • easy tracking of waste collection units;
  • easy access to data on fleet efficiency, potential stoppages and best waste collection routes;
  • improved communication between local authorities, waste management companies and citizens.

Community <->Company <-> Citizens.

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