Monitoring of conditions in compartments in real time.

Train Monitoring System is a small measuring device for registration of environmental conditions indoors. Thanks to as in-built communication segments the data gathered by the device are sent to the Internet, where they are available to overview and analyse via special application.

The device is set for work in constant motion conditions which makes it a perfect solution for passenger rail transport. To better suit the needs of railway companies, Train Monitoring System for rail transport is integrated with video recording function. It allows for constant monitoring of the state of compartments on the train.

1. ARS (Automated Rescue System)

  • black box („Green Box”),
  • motion parameters monitoring,
  • train monitoring,
  • train anti-collision system,
  • technical telemetrics,
  • online data analysis.

2. AVS (Automated Video System)

  • monitoring of driver’s work,
  • monitoring of events in front of the train,
  • monitoring of barriers closure,
  • monitoring of pantograph’s operation,
  • monitoring of trackage’s condition,
  • monitoring of carriages’ safety,
  • online image analysis.

3. Benefits from the use of Green Logger device in passenger transport:

  • Standardized conditions monitoring in compartments,
  • Facilitated registration of sudden temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters changes,
  • Easier monitoring of smoking cases in non-smoking compartments,
  • Increase of services quality and travel comfort.

Green Logger may analyse following  environmental parameters: Environment temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Shocks, Declensions, Exposure.

Green Logger is programmable in terms of setting threshold values accepted for any of measured parameters. In case of exceeding the set value, the device sends information to the application which informs the user on date, hour and degree of the noted event.

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