Green Loggers – control and measurement devices allowing monitoring environmental parameters during transportation of loads/shipments.

Technical parameters:

  • Communication: ANT, BLE 4.0, radio, NFC,
  • Power supply: lithium battery (lifetime – 1.5 year),
  • Memory: 4MB,
  • Supply battery voltage measurement ,
  • Chip antenna, gain +3dBm,
  • Digital RSSI (possibility to determine the distance from a given Green ASR logger),
  • Environmental sensors,
  • Measurements (thickness: 5-7 mm, diagonal 50-80 mm depending on design version).


  • Transport of pharmaceuticals,
  • Transport of dangerous goods,
  • Transport of fragile goods,
  • Transport of food,
  • Transport of militaria,
  • Transport of artwork.

Temperature from -20⁰C to 70⁰C

Humidity from 0% to 100%

Shocks from 0g to +/-16g

Tilts with the precision of 1 degree

Fall from +/-2g to +/-16g

Pressure fluctuations from 50 to 110 kPa

Measurements of the distance from the base station and change of output power of the transmitter.

Measurements and analysis of light.

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