Supply of the equipment for monitoring stations (GPS) and preparing and conducting traction and mobility tests of electric vehicles along with the necessary infrastructure

The subject matter of the project is to elaborate the system hereinafter referred to as “The monitoring system MS”, allowing to perform the test consisting in: collecting, processing, archiving and sharing data on process related with the traffic of a specified number of electric vehicles at the specified area and time.

The monitoring system includes following elements:

1.    project of the test,

2.    terminals for the vehicles and sets of sensors,

3.    cooperation with a scientific and research partner,

4.    publication of the test results.

The aim of the Monitoring Station is to collect, process and archive the data transferred from the terminals installed in the operating electric vehicles. The purpose of the Monitoring Station software is a secure implementation of all actions necessary to achieve the project objective – to test electric vehicles and to obtain good quality data – the results of testing. The quality of the test results should be understood as the outcomes of the reading processes, transferring, collecting, storing, and sharing data.

The purpose of the test is to collect and publish as much information about the processes involving the movement of electric vehicles in a metropolitan area as possible. The parameters that will be assessed include: mileages, average speeds, energy consumption, reach, utilisation of carriage potential, degree of utilising charging points’ potential, direct costs of vehicles exploitation, direct costs (telecommunication and IT service), and others. Data processing and sharing as well as the manners of publishing the outcomes are a significant part of the test.

Value of the project: PLN 1,523,902.00 gross.

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