Who does not measure – does not manage.

Key functionality of our company products includes current monitoring and archiving any number of information which are subsequently used for advanced analyzing, static calculations or generating multipurpose reports, in order to achieve effective managements over business, production and technology process.

Key product features include:

  • „Management Dashboard” makes it easy to display attractive readymade components that include (schemes, diagrams, tabels and more).
  • Visualization of key online parameters, advanced reporting and calculation of defined analytical indices (OEE, MTTR, MTBF etc.).
  • Analysis of efficent production, work efficiency of manufacturing units and event impact on production process (including tracking downtime, failure and start).
  • canvassing data from control and measurement devices, monitoring of media consumpion, forecasting and scheduling (nomination / re-nominiation) media demand.
  • Records of production resources (machines, devices and their features and staff qualifications).
  • Plans for production orders (days, weeks or months) with assigned production resources.
  • Monitoring energy-saving efficiency process.
  • Balancing and settlement of media consumption.
  • Monitoring of energy utility consumption.
  • Analysis of maintenance cost.
  • Creating billing reports, setting price and performance indicators.
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