Who does not measure – does not manage.

This is a group made of complete IT tools supporting the process, supervision, management and technical infrastructure maintenance of energy networks. In addition to remote readings, key functionality is based on real-time monitoring and archiving any amount of information. This data is used for regular supervision, advanced historical data analysis, static calculations and generating of comprehensive reports.

Perfectly suited for:

  • Management of data measurement: data collection, validation, estimation, substitution, processing, sharing.
  • Management of measurement and communication infrastructure: recording the history of changes, quality control.
  • technical and commercial balancing in the managed area of distribution in real time.
  • Remote recipient recovery.
  • Support in the field of voltage regulation and eliminating network asymmetries.
  • Reading counters of other media (gas, water) through HES infrastructure.
  • Create a repository of real data on the infrastructure of power grids.
  • Calculaction and reporting KPI data for specific distribution areas.
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