An innovative, large, multitask drone with a hybrid combustion-electric engire, based on multirotor technology.


  • Autonomic or semi-manual flight mode,
  • Integrated with a flight planning software,
  • Able to fly outside of the transmitting station range with a GSM system,
  • Can be carried by land vehicles and on ships,
  • Can start from an amphibious DEEP GUARD drone or/and land on the water surface,
  • Can be integrated with other drones, including the base platform OWL VISION,
  • Operated by 1 pilot and 1 operator.


  • Capable of carrying up to 12 kg of load,
  • Operational radius up to 25 km,
  • Operational ceiling up to 3000 m,
  • Flight duration up to 4,5h,
  • High resistance against adverse weather conditions,
  • Operationa temperature range from – 15 to + 70oC,
  • Hybrid engine – electric engines powered by a gas fuelled generator,
  • Cargo compartment capable of holding several automatically connected and disconnected transport containers.

Possibilities of installation and transportation on the drone:

  • FULL HD, THERMO INFRARED optical systems,
  • EMP jamming systems analytic systems for radioactive, chemical or biological contamination,
  • Orthoimaging systems,
  • Microwave system for detecting landmines,
  • Rescue rafts for marine operations,
  • Passive protection systems,
  • SELF AIMING SYSTEM, a digital system for detecting and analyzing targets,
  • Armed equipment (several configurations),
  • Transport containers (several configurations).


  • Army, Police, Special Forces and Border Guard,
  • Mountain Search and Rescue services,
  • Protection of marine ships,
  • Monitoring and protecting strategic objects: pipe lines, drilling platforms, harbours, dams and other.
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