A fast scouting drone of small size, equipped with dispersion shields causing its absolute optical invisibility.


  • The main objective of this machine is quick and stealthy reconnaissance of the target area for the army, special and police forces,
  • The application of this innovative and so far unfamiliar technology of dispersive shields and silenced engines – the drone is undetected from a distance of 80 meters,
  • Absolute inaudibility and invisibility make this construction entirely unique in its class,
  • It may carry only observation cam records,
  • Operational radius: up to 5 kilometres,
  • Ceiling: up to 2000 meters,
  • Flight time: up to 45 minutes,
  • Great speed of flight: up to 100 km/h,
  • High resistance to unfavourable weather conditions: wind, fog, drizzle,
  • The machine flies mostly during the day.

Possibilities of installation and transportation on the drone:

  • FULL HD optical systems, THERMO INFRARED.

Machine’s properties:

  • The drone flies in automatic, semi-manual or manual modes,
  • The drone possesses advanced flight planner, controlled from a handheld computer or a mobile commanding station,
  • The drone is transported by one operator,
  • The drone may cooperate with other flying, swimming or land drones,
  • Operated by 1 pilot/operator.


  • The Army,
  • Special forces,
  • Police,
  • Border guard.
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