The system is created for electronic supporting of dynamic firearm training process.


  • It consists of interactive shields or poppers reacting on the soldier’s occurrence and behavior,
  • It measures the reaction time and analyses a human’s behavior, upon which the scenario of behaviors of active targets is based,
  • The system may be assembled in any place and any area.


  • The system enables training scenarios creation through subject and object matching of the training’s scope,
  • It enables training on any kind of firearm,
  • It gives a uniquefunction of enabling the possibility of returning fire towards a soldier who reacted too slowly or inappropriately,
  • The system allows for analyzing in real time the human’s actions and modifies thescenarios of dynamic training according to the situation.

Competitive advantages:

  • Mobility,
  • Theoretical distance of such a track is limiless – depending only on the numer of stands,
  • An application allowing for management, archiving and visualization of data possessed during the training’s process’s used to control the system,
  • Unique, interactive training scenarios,
  • Real-time valuation of reaction on any event.


  • The army,
  • Special forces,
  • Security,
  • Sport shooting.
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