Design, construction and supply of light electric vehicles’ prototypes

The subject matter of this project is to design, work out, construct and supply the prototypes of five different light electric vehicles of an innovative character:

  •  mountain bike (MTB) with electric drive;
  •  light passenger and freight vehicles with electric drive;
  •  three-wheel bike with electric drive;
  •  “bike and cart” with electric drive;
  •  innovative, light vehicle with electric drive.

The project includes production of 2 units of each type of vehicle (one prototype unit and one production unit). For the construction of the prototypes of the vehicles standard subassemblies and parts available on the market will be used, however, the construction of the vehicles will be based on own projects and it will not be a copy of the existing vehicles.

The scope of the projects includes:

1.    drawing up of project documentation of the prototypes of the electric vehicles;

2.    drawing up production/technological documentation for those vehicles;

3.    constructing prototypes of the electric vehicles in a 1:1 scale;

4.    conducing relevant research and tests;

5.    creating production units.

Each of the vehicles will meet the following requirements:

1.    vehicles will be equipped with electric energy container, allowing independent movement;

2.    vehicles will be equipped with energy container and devices allowing to recharge the battery from the electric power supply in all weather conditions both from the household power and the charging points available in public places;

3.    vehicles will have the fittings which guarantee save charging from the 230V mains and will comply with all the standards required within this scope;

4.    vehicles will be equipped with unified connectors: plugs or charging outlets, measuring and servicing outlets; and will be fitted with systems indicating emergency states;

5.    vehicles will be equipped with a set of typical measuring transducers allowing measuring of basic parameters: voltage of the energy container, power taken from the container (or the quantity of the energy taken), power transmitted to the battery, impulses of the distance covered − 2, 4, 8 or 16 imp./m, volume of the power left in the battery for its complete exhaustion;

6.    vehicles will be fixed with the indicator of the volume of the energy accumulated in the battery and the optical and sound signaling device of low level of energy (10%) in the battery left for consumption in normal exploiting conditions.

Value of the project: PLN 430,000.00 gross.

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