Who does not measure – does not manage.

The purpose of IT system solutions produces by our company in the field of BMS is centralized to manage all instalations and subsystems  occuring in a given object. Products from this field of application integrate all elements of infrastructure together, they allow for effective menagement over the entire object.

Our company’s product in the field of BMS allow:

  • Graphical representation of isometric view of the building with technical  installations.
  • remote control of systems and executing elements.
  • Process automatization e.g. controlling receivers depending on schedules or sensor condition.
  • Ventilation control, air conditioning and air quality based on definable parameters and atmospheric conditions.
  • Monitoring and control af alarm devices, fire protection and power.
  • Management of events and alarms generated by technical infrastructure elements.
  • Stimulation of people’s presence in the building while the owners or building managers are not present.
  • Remote simulation of adverse events.
  • Comphensive personalization for applications’ control access.
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