Virtual museum and art gallery VR

Green Art – bringing art galleries to all available spaces:

  • Green Art is a unique project which aims at showcasing works of promising Polish and global artists to the greatest number of recipients;
  • Any user can visit a digital version of a selected museum or an art gallery through the Green Art Internet portal;
  • The portal contains pictures, photographies and other forms of art freely available for any interested entity;
  • The tridimentional visualizations and the opportunity of seeing the works in augmented reality empower aesthetic sensations and zest the reception of the pieces of art;
  • A virtual museum can be a valuable educational aid and can be beneficial for disabled people who cannot leave their houses;
  • Green Art project  also cooperates with art galleries and individual recipients in terms of designing and establishing augmented reality exhibitions and openings in all kinds of facilities;
  • Any indoor space can be mapped and transformed into a private art gallery through the use of virtual reality headsets.
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