WEB & Mobile

  • Mobile APPS,
  • Web Applications,
  • Dedicated Software,
  • Big Data Visualisation.

Virtual Reality

  • SOMBRA Augemented Reality,
  • Oculus VR, Leep Motion,
  • Unity Technology.

Smart Cities and Regions

  • Beacons Technology,
  • Cities Information Systems,
  • Trip Planners,
  • Virtual Assistant.

EU Grants

  • R&D Projects,
  • Acquisition of EU Funds,
  • Accounting EU funds.

Our projects concentrate on delivering fully integrated City and Regions Information Systems which provide safe, friendly and efective way of living for tenants.

Our company has been operating on the IT market since 2008. We are very effective in the application of modern technologies and solutions, designing and implementing tailor-made IT systems. Our tourism and culture information systems are already operational in numerous cities and museums and our projects are award-winning for their quality and innovativeness.

Each of our projects and products is developed in cooperation with our client to make sure that the prepared solutions meet the established goals.

We offer comprehensive, A-Z services – starting from fund raising, through design and development, up to implementation, carried out according to the Scrum/Agile methodology. We also offer post-sale services, since we take full responsibility for the final product. We have experience implementing large scale projects for the public administration bodies and for corporate customers.

We can offer cooperation on Polish and European market to develop and sell International Products and Services

We are experienced working with:

  • Culture – Museums and Theatres,
  • Tourism & Regions,
  • Entertainment and Retail Centers,
  • Scientific Units,
  • Business sector.

We are looking for:

  • International Partner on R&D Projects,
  • Collaboration with Scientific Units.

Business Partner for International CooperationPartner for resale of our technology and services.

Our customers meet PERFECTLY TESTED SOLUTIONS. Tela, knowledge and talent management tool, which we use ourselves, is a good example. Only after it appears to be smart and useful to us, we decided to offer it our business partners and customers.

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