The most innovative way of connecting technology and medicine for the benefit of the patient.

Innovative medical technologies consist ofa variety of solutions, starting with connections between measurement devices, data-keeping servers and applications for the user, to tele-consultancy and remote care conferences. It is especially important in the case of diagnosing and treating affluence diseases which become more and more prevalent. The International Medical Diagnostics Centre is a project aimed at delivering the most accurate and rapid diagnostics for patients suffering from affluence diseases.

The very foundation of the International Medical Diagnostics Centre action is an automated system of gathering data and diagnostics. This tool allows easy collecting, cataloguing and information analysing concerning any patient. One of the essential components of the Centre is an internet platform which facilitates data transfer between medical specialists and research facilities. The platform can be accessed remotely from every device. It is compliant with security standards and protects data from being viewed by a third party.

The Centre will facilitate communication between specialists in a form of consultancy, remote case conferences, or secure and fast data transfer of the patient, which accelerates the process of diagnosing and undertaking the decision on treatment means. It will also contain an education database containing information on the prevention of affluent diseases.

One of the main projects realised along the International Medical Diagnostics Centre is the International Centre for Prevention and Treatment of Neoplastic Diseases. Its main purpose is to accelerate the process of oncological diagnostics and to build the social awareness in terms of cancer prevention.

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