Vertical GVT wind turbines – innovative, highly effective technology enabling elastic power configuration of constructed power plants.

Characteristics of the vertical wind turbines

  • Operational wind speed ranging from 1.5 m/s to as much as 55 m/s,
  • Operation independent of wind direction which allows maximum efficiency, 
  • Substantial reduction of noise and vibrations,
  • No risk for birds and bats,
  • Resistance to strong winds,
  • Easy transport of modules and simple mounting system,
  • Continuity of operation of the turbine thanks to the energy storage system.

The vertical wind turbines Green Vertical Turbine Sp. z o.o. were designed in several variants.

Technological variants:

  • steel,
  • aluminium.

Design variants:

  • land (steel),
  • roof (aluminium),
  • off-shore (aluminium),
  • marine (aluminium).
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