LED lighting  – full exchange of existing lighting to modern, failure – free LED lighting.

The main aim of the project is city lighting’s exchange and in public utility buildings to LED diodes and modernization of accompanying electrical infrastructure.

Implementation of lighting using LED diodes is characterized with many benefits for a city or a municipality:

  • Increase of energy effectiveness of city agglomeration area or municipalities;
  • Reduction of glow effect and insomnia prevention;
  • Increase of security on roads thanks to decreased light dispersion.

The flow of lighting installation setting process consists of 5 stages:

  1. Analysis of needs of a current city/municipality in terms of installation’s setting;
  2. Estimation of the installation setting process;
  3. Preparation of  the bid for modernization works execution;
  4. Creation of a detailed project and work schedule;
  5. Setting of installations and accompanying cleaning works.

The system assumes the use of components made in accordance with any safety standards. There are also sinusoidal-shaped output voltage, harmonic compensating and optimizing converters increasing the transmission capacity of energy grids added to full lighting infrastructure.

The suggested solutions are fit to be used in:

  • Office and service buildings,
  • Along passageways,
  • Manufactories, industrial and extraction facilities,
  • Shopping centres,
  • Schools and universities,
  • Hotels, restaurants, resorts,
  • Sports objects.

In addition, there is a possibility of extending the project with lighting management systems, including traffic lighting.

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