Autonomous electric vehicles

One of the most prospective projects is elaboration of a car model being fully electric and autonomous which marks the start of the new era of  “green” vehicles with no carbon dioxide emissions. The market, above all, offers urban cars which drive allows you to travel about 200 km on a single complete charge. A big range is not the only advantage. An innovative induction charger makes the charging time, from 0 to 80%, take only 20 minutes. The drive autonomy is possible thanks to the  sensors mounted on the roof, front and side cameras, ultrasonic sensors and radars.

An interesting solution is also the suggestion of a car-oriented family. In a minimalist and comfort-oriented interior, neither are there classic buttons nor knobs. The system and transparent touch screens are responsible for the entire car service. A small, two-seat electric vehicle is also popular which, upon pushing a button, is able to drive across the streets.

Green Cars Cluster is in the forefront of the automotive industry. Equipped with extremely sensitive sensors, the machine will be able to largely cope, without a driver, with the following:, to overtake, park and brake when a passer-by unexpectedly appears before the bonnet. A set of sensors and cameras will constantly monitor the situation on the road and, in case of an emergency, it will take control over the vehicle and avoid the obstacle. According to GPS data and information about the situation on the road, the car will be able to find the right speed, change the lane or take the right exit ramp. It is because of innovative electrical and drive systems, completely new computer hardware and a number of improvements to the other essential components ensuring successful work of the latest autonomous driving technology. Experts say that over the next 10 years, car driving will become illegal for safety reasons. According to the “The Future Of Mobility” report’s forecasts, only in the USA the appearance of autonomous vehicles on a broader scale would result in reduction of road fatalities of 32,000 annually. In the immediate future, not only electric but also autonomous cars will be on the leading edge and the cars combining both of the mentioned features will be placed  on the very top. Green Cars Cluster’s automotive revolution  takes place on two levels: improvement of just electric-driven machines with simultaneous implementation of fully autonomous vehicle to the market.

Autonomous vehicles are not just passenger cars. An interesting proposal are also autonomous electric buses, as a response to the words of experts who claim that buses must change if they are still to function as a fundamental part of the public transport. Depending on the traffic, the batteries suffice for 5-12 hours of driving. The vehicles will be more spacious because the seats will be placed in the middle as well. Autonomous buses will communicate, independently accelerate, brake, and carry passengers to their destination. They will keep the course thanks to GPS and the built-in radar system and laser scanners will warn against fixed and movable obstacles. The system will have “self-learning” function and mutual communication will ensure that it will be possible to mount the buttons at the stops for the purpose of calling the vehicle by those who, for instance, do not have a smartphone. The buses will be equipped with obstacle detection systems, which enable to customise the car track to the prevailing road conditions. They will recognize the traffic lights, stop and move from the stops, as well as monitor and respond to the danger.

Innovative ideas and technology are the key issue in developing electric vehicles and placing them on the market. Thanks to cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology having a wide range of experts and professionals in the field of technology, the autonomous electric vehicle project has potential to change the Polish automotive market permanently. 

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