Transport i motoryzacja

A fully automated manner for more effective guidance of aircrafts after landing.
We offer electric vehicles for Smart City and carsharing solutions and for individual users. Electric transport is the most efficient way for improving the air quality in cities. There are solutions for modern, efficient city transport in our offer. As the creators of this technology, we have authorial technologies of conversion and construction of bikes, cars, vans and buses equipped with electric drive.
We offer reliable, innovative components for converting combustion-engine vehicles into electric ones.
Green Convert - gas-to-electric conversion scheme for vehicles.
ASR - is an innovative “black box”, which main designation is to analyze the accident and immediately inform proper offices about the occurrence.
Green Loggers – control and measurement devices allowing monitoring environmental parameters during transportation of loads/shipments.
Monitoring of conditions in compartments in real time. Train Monitoring System is a small measuring device for registration of environmental conditions indoors. Thanks to as in-built communication segments the data gathered by the device are sent to the Internet, where they are available to overview and analyse via special application.
.A fully automated manner for more effective guidance of aircrafts after landing.The suggested system assumes the use of dockable trolleys moving along the rails built into the tarmac. The rail system aims at servicing all the most important points of an airport.
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