Energetyka i przemysł

Green Control 1 – energy meters used for single-phase measurements, for domestic, utility or industrial use.
Green Control – is a fully automated measurement – billing system for water, gas and electricity.
A multi-functional Green Control 3 device is a three-phase DIN energy meter equipped with a multi-tariff function. The results are displayed on an LCD screen. The meter is also equipped with a non-volatile memory which guarantees that the readings will not be deleted or altered upon disconnecting.
Green energy tower system is a universal, energetically autonomous Metamast, dedicated to all wireless electronic communications and observation areas.
LED lighting - full exchange of existing lighting to modern, failure – free LED lighting. The main aim of the project is city lighting’s exchange and in public utility buildings to LED diodes and modernization of accompanying electrical infrastructure.
Intelligent system of reduction of harmonic reactive power compensation and increase of bandwidth of energy grids and energy storage.
Vertical GVT wind turbines – innovative, highly effective technology enabling elastic power configuration of constructed power plants.
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